February 26, 2011

Moley Finished!

I'm glad to say that lilbad's moley spread is done. I'm pleased, and I hope she is too!

Page 1 and 2

Page 3 and 4

February 24, 2011

Less Stuck

I finally had the breakthrough idea for the moley design. I spent some time worrying over it, then just threw out all my preconceived ideas of what it should be, what skills I should be showing, how it should look. Now, it is quite the, um, evolving piece. I like it in the sense that it expresses the theme the way it feels to me, and can only hope that it turns out visually pleasing to the eye (mostly the journal's owner!). Thank you (especially HHC!) for the support and encouragement I have received, but also the advice to get out of my own way and let go of the shoulds.

I feel bursting with ideas of projects I want to do, but am still trying to get into the stride of trusting myself more. Each piece takes a long time to work on for me, in comparison to work I see from other artists who produce excellent artwork often and prolifically. It seems like these folks have a strong sense of their own style and they let the muse/energy flow through them to create and create and create. I'm not sure what part of the puzzle I'm missing, but I want to be doing art all of the time and can't keep up with all my ideas. And yet, I'm taking so long on each piece and not producing nearly as much as I feel I could be.

I just found Sonheim's blog and am excited to sign up for one of her online workshops (as soon as I get my tax money), as well as one or two through Art Trader. I hope this will get me expressing and producing. I'm also very much want to do art journals. But this scares me for some reason. I'm a counselor and psychotherapist, so you can bet I understand professionally and personally how healing the journaling process is. But I can't figure out how to start expressing my feelings directly in art. I know it will put the heart in my art, so to speak, but how to begin? I look at examples of others' work and think, "that is so cool, I can't do that". Such beautiful backgrounds and techniques! I find myself writing a phrase in my book like, "How do I make art about feeling alone?" and nothing comes to mind.

One idea I had was to get a bunch of magazines and just start cutting them up, and gather images, words, phrases, etc. Then I could just throw them in a box and pick one or two (or ten!) to work with and go for it. What do art journalers out there think?

Ok, enough for now. I wanted to show anyone that is reading my entry for January's AFA ATC contest. It didn't win but I think it held it's own!

Here's to sticking with the process even when it feels like its going nowhere...
Jan 2011 Contest Entry - Sun, Moon and Stars

February 21, 2011

Still Stuck

It seems my creative muse is out of town. I have been zentangling, finishing up the pencil/charcoal swap, doing some kind of art every day. But this moley spread is kicking my butt. I don't seem to have any confidence in any of my skills. Maybe its because I've chosen to do a landscape which is not my strong suit. If I did collage, it would be great, but I'm really no good at that. My choices are to buckle down and get the drawing done, or to collage it anyway and hope for the best. Great. My first moley in my first moley swap and I'm freaked out!

I think I'm just not feeling very positive these days. I really don't like my job, and I want to find something to do in art, but motivation is low. I hope I can get past this slump and start producing again. Wish me luck!

Anyway, here are a few pieces I've finally finished.
APC for Joss
APC for Joss

Traded Rolo

February 19, 2011

Hand Drawn Swap cards are done!

Here are the last two cards for the Hand Draw Pencil/Charcoal swap at AFA.
On the Prowl

 I've got to put finishing touches on 2 APCs for Joss, a rolo, and an ATC. I'm also plagued by this moley spread. I wish there were a way to get help with this, it is very hard to design, and the artist for whom I am drawing is very talented. Eeeek. I hope inspiration strikes me soon. Stay tuned for more art!

February 16, 2011


Until I get more art posted here, you can view my Flickr photo stream.

Chugging along...

Here are two pieces for the Hand Drawn swap at AFA.
WIP Siamese

The Siamese to the left is a work in progress. The last pic is from my zentangle journal (available as a print).

I'm still working on the layout for the moleskine journal swap (I'm working in a very very talented artist's journal...eeek!). I've also got rolos, altered playing cards, and ATCs that I've promised. It has been hectic in my household and with my job, but I'm still doing art every day and have kept up with the 365 project..yay!

I purchased two awesome drawing books for my portrait study, and I'll post my progress under the tab above that says "series". I've got all sorts of ideas but I want to get this moley spread just right and I'm so nervous! I don't have one particular style that I like to work in (yet), but I think I'll settle on a graphite drawing. Next is deciding upon exact image and layout. This is challenging, but as with everything else since I started this journey, it is all good!

Oh, and I'm also very seriously thinking about going back to school to get a digital arts certificate. I'd really like to work in the field of illustration, but I've heard this is very hard to get into. I'd like to create my own tarot deck someday, since I've been studying and reading tarot for about 15 years. I've also got my master's in counseling psychology (and have thought of doing art therapy, which is still a possibility), yet going back to school in a whole other field is very scary. But having reached almost the midpoint of my life, I'm not sure I can afford not to follow my passion anymore. Thus, the degree in digital arts, as there might be a way I can do art for a living and pursue illustration on the side.

Ok, enough yammering. Until next time!

February 14, 2011

What am I working on today?

I'm rolling in a combined pile of life-like sketches, moley journal landscapes, altered playing cards to be glued and zentangled, rolos to be zentangled, and Ostara cards to be designed, drawn and painted. Oh yeah, and a couple of ATC ideas that are roling around in my head.

Today my goal is to finish up my cat sketches for the Black and White/Graphite and Charcoal swap at AFA. Here are two that are almost done, and I'll post all when I've completed them. Meeeoooow!

WIP Sleek

WIP Lovable

The Journey Begins

I am finally starting a blog to mark the beginning of a journey that has taken me over 30 years to start. Since I began doing artist trading cards at ATCs for All in August of 2010, my life has taken a creative turn, and I see the world differently. Art can no longer take a back seat in my life, and I must express and share. I'll probably post more here about why this is happening and what it all means, but for now, just bear with me as I uncover a part of myself that simply refused to come out until now. I'm still finding my style and taking baby steps, but I'm loving it!

So, welcome and Namaste!