Art Journal Pages

Art Journal Pages
The mail art community has been instrumental in helping me start my art journalling process.

Personal journal, prompt "Wings" from Art Journal-er's social group at AFA. I'm working on freeing myself up to express my emotions  in art rather than just words, and found the combination of both worked well. A prompt also helped me dive in. I'm also learning that the process of journaling is helped by creating the image first and writing around it. I kept getting stuck on having to have the whole layout, words and all, figured out before I started.

I hope to keep this habit going!

2012 - January

This year I am participating in Willowing and Friends Life Book 2012 ( The teacher Tam is phenomenal. I've begun work on my first page, and shall post them here as they are completed. This promises to be an awesome art year!

Page 1 of Life Book 2012 - Goddess Powers. This was my first time painting a face, using a brayer, using many different multi media techniques. It was a bit scary but quite fun. I found myself drawn to work on the page as it was in progress. I think that is a good sign!

Week 2 - Dream Board for 2012

 Exploration of Light and Dark Goddesses. This is Sekhmet, the warrior protector and fierce sun goddess, and Bastet, the nurturing, caring, and loving protector. Two sides that live in Harmony.

 This one was very hard to do. Me as a Goddess. I enjoyed the mixed media parts of doing it, but working with my own face and affirmations was hard...