April 13, 2011

Art Journal Discovery

I've been doing the workshop on personal artistic style and am learning a lot. I want to share it all but it is late, and I want to record my step by step process here. So this post is a bit of a tease until I have a bit more time.

I joined an art journal class, and a social group for art-journalers at AFA, both of which are painless ways to get started. Being a mental health counselor, I want to at art therapy to my work with people, and I now have direct experience with the ways in which art can heal. Getting past my blocks with art journaling is instrumental in incorporating art into my counseling work. I found that with my Master's in counseling, all I need is a couple of classes to be certified as an art therapist, which would bring my first career in line with my passion. I still want to take art classes and get as good as I can become at my art (and may even get my digital arts certificate), but this will be a very fulfilling way to bring art to others and fulfill my goal of helping others heal.

Long story short, you can find my first uncensored journal page on the page link above, "Art Journal Pages". I will be back soon to tell you what I'm learning about myself and my art in my style class, and get feedback, I hope, as to what you all think!

Peace to all!