January 30, 2017

Stop the Muslim and Refugee Bans!

"Bound" 2011 by Traci Tompins

Urgent Call to action @ACLU

Call your Senators now!
Tell them how to stop it.

And Finally, all who #resist should read this guide, by Indivisible
Real Action, and its working!

January 27, 2017

Let it Begin!

Art, Activism, and Resistance

Oh yeah, art. I have some projects I'm working on and will post here when I can. Just got a new scanner (thanks Mom and Sis)! 

I know I hoodwinked you into coming to look at art and not my rants, but welcome to the new age. We are all responsible for what is happening in our world. As the Indigo Girls wrote, "if I have a care in the world I have a gift to bring" so let's bring it! (Just quoted you @Indigo_Girls, and will probably do so again). This time the song is "Hammer and a Nail" as in get some and do something!

Go to Make your voice count! at countable.org, where Reps and Senators read your comments. Call them directly. Let them know how they vote now affects how you vote later.

#watchpaintdry #resist #aclu. Comment on more causes we can follow. 

Keep Fighting, this is not a time to hide and hope things will get better. They will continue to get much worse.

I swore, took an oath, and planned to have engraved on my tombstone, that I would never join Twitter. But I want to keep up with #resistance going on, so email me for my handle. I can control trolls here, but not there.

Did Ya Hear?

Next Big Washington March may be Scientists Remember those educated people with knowledge of the real truth?

January 24, 2017

The Process

A (very) brief process video of the #watchpaintdry alternative viewing content

Final Artwork for #watchpaintdry, alternative viewing

Zen Tangle over Hate  <-------Click Here!

Rock The Nation

I marched in the Sister March on Washington January 21, 2017
Life Changing.

Woke up to a fresh batch of poison from #45. I closed my Facebook account. Too much hate, too little humanity.

Now I am acting locally and shouting LOUDLY. Here, where no one may hear. But this is ok.


January 2, 2017


Check out this hashtag on any social media. #watchpaintdry #__watchpaintdry (two underscores on twitter). Save the world with art!