May 28, 2011

Creative Process Part 1

I won the monthly ATC challenge for April over at I think much of what I say below has to do with that!

Taking the Creative Style class though Art Journal magazine was the best thing I could have done at this time in my art career.

I want to share with you my process, and also gain feedback as that is so important.

First, I was supposed to answer some questions about what art meant to me, and what I considered good about my art. How do I want the viewer to feel? Are there already any running themes in my work? What do I want to convey?

My first pages of my creative journal are a mess, but for a good reason! I started answering the questions and I found that I considered my art good if it was realistic...that's a lot of pressure. And I also had a hard time getting to the core of what I wanted the viewer to feel, my own themes and motifs, and how artistic experience feels to me.

I got almost angry with myself, or what I had written, hitting that boring old wall again. So I started scribbling everything out, got my red marker out and wrote:

"I want my artwork to feel and show freedom and play! It has to be URGENT when coming out onto the page. I want my work to be fairly realistic, yet vibrant, eye catching, organic, and emerging. Stop thinking of the goal, let the work *become*. When doing art I want to feel enganged, energized, and pleasure. [sorry if this offends anyone, just don't read the next sentence] Art is is my art-gasm.

Dynamic energy should be at the very center of my work, not the urge to prove myself as able to draw well. Combine realism with flow. Magic, heart, and repetitive patterns (like zentangles) that fill space with beauty and detail. I want to study Whimsy Art, Folk Art, and am drawn to Art Nouveau images, with its flowing lines."

Oh ya, I got going! Next time I have a bit of time I'll write in some more ramblings that are very important to my direction. The above still seems a bit nebulous, but I think I'm getting there.

Part of the lessons have been to ask others to look at my work and see if they see themes, motifs, etc., to get an outside perspective. My family and friends say, "Oh, very nice!" but I want more! Anyone want to weigh in with the good, the bad, and the ugly?

My 365 gallery has most of what I've been working on since March of this year. Drop me a comment or a line and tell me what you think?

There is so much more to come....